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Piano Compositions

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The piano is a wonderful instrument which I use to compose for choir, orchestra and chamber ensembles. One way I work is to reduce a score for piano and then listen to how the instrument will sound together.


I have many solo piano pieces that have been internationally performed.  Many of them work in tandem with art collections I have made and it would be wonderful to have all the parts of an art collection in one place--the art, the music, the movement in film or other constructions, often there is a signature scent which goes along with an art collection.

One such work is Hunting with Louis Sullivan which began as a poem then a solo piano piece you can view below and is now being worked on for chorus and orchestra.  Along with this piece that has accompanied me for years is the art collection Power Share 22 which is also being worked into a film I am making.










Following is a piece that is fun to play on the piano and then turned into a wonderful choral piece with words my Thomas Merton and myself.  Here is the piano score:













I also have a soundcloud  site that has some of my other piano music like Badlands 2012 on it


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