Electronic Music


After years of scratching albums for dance parties I have turned to the computer fun of creating Electronic Music.  My love of fashion and dancing merges with many of these tracks. A true inspiration is  Michel Gaubert whose music moved me into the electronic age of music making. 


You can find some on my EDM on sound cloud:   https://soundcloud.com/vickimilewski


There are other songs on  http://www.reverbnation.com/vickimilewski 

Here is a song I wrote at first as a soundtrack to videos I made for the Chicago Public Library about 3 of my art collections.  But as I worked on it this song took on a life of its own wresting me free from my Pandemic Covid mindset and allowing me to dance to a new way of being. Enjoy.











This next one is called Too Many Ideas Only One Path and it is something I am working toward--taking all my artistic ideas and putting them onto one path.  I feel my art making is more about an immersive experience with sound, light, visuals and movement.  I'm just looking for the right space to start experimenting in!  

Too Many Ideas Only One Path


If only you would see

Si seulement vous pouviez voir

The hidden path inside of me

If only you would see

Both of us walking there


The path that leads in

And the path it leads out

And in again

And in again

And in again


The street may hide it

The moon may lead us in

The road may me get lost in


The path is inside

And the path is outside

And the path is above

And the path is below

And the past is east or west

North or south

Spinning with the planets around outside


If only you could see

The paths inside of me

If only you could see

Us walking there

Us walking there


The path inside of me

I use to keep it hidden

I use to walk it all alone

Now you could walk it with me

The path inside of me


I’m eating the road with my eyes

White lines on either side

The path inside of me


The path inside of me

The path outside of me

The path above me

The path below me

The path east in me

West in me

North in me

South in me












The album below I leave on this page as a reminder that I can sell my music but to find time to put it all together is of course the problem so disregard the album below it is a marker to remind me to continue moving forward!