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Artist Books by Vicki Milewski


I make artist books to move forward the way we read, process information and communicate.  The architecture of the book can lead to other ways of understanding text, language and our sense of self.


 I see making artist books as a path toward a new future of reading, just as the internet changed our way of reading so too can artist books.

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Below are a selection of my artist books;  Click on the titles or Images to see more.

One Sacred
with You
One Sacred Moment Installation3a.jpeg

Above is an Artist Book artwork bringing the poem slip idea into the 21st Century.  Each poem slip has half the 24 part poem on it so it takes two poem slips to read the entire poem just as it took two people to inspire the writing of the original poem


Shown: One Sacred Moment...with you

Artist: Vicki Milewski

Dimensions for each poem slip: Height 17" Width 4" 

Materials Used:  Paper, ink, Plastic, Silk Thread


This is a view of some of the canvases that comprise the Artist Book artwork called Questioning Success.  This book comes from the Inner Book of Reign Questions contemplating the 21st Century state of education and how we need to redefine success and in that redefinition find a way forward for our educational systems.

Shown:  Questioning Success

Artist:  Vicki Milewski

Materials Used:  Canvas, Paint, Handmade, antique lace circles, paper, silk thread, dye

Dimensions of each canvas: Height 20", Width 16", Depth 2"


Cover of the artist book Flowers I Have Known and the Secrets They Have Shared With Me

The full title for this Artist Book artwork is

Reign:  Thinking About Opening a CPS Charter School—should I play at their games again? Or Sierra Nevada Mountains with Gloria.  This Artists Book is my first done on canvas with each of the poem's Four Parts on one canvas.

Shown:  Reign

Artist:  Vicki Milewski

Materials Used:  Canvas, Paint, paper, silk thread, antique crochet pieces, elk skin, deer skin, red prayer tie felt, turquiose, glass beads

Dimension or each canvas:  Height 20", Width 16", Depth 3"

Above is the cover of my Artist Book artwork, Flowers I Have Known and the Secrets They have Shared with Me. The three flowers are made from organic cotton, dyed with rose petals from three different roses that men I have loved gave to me.  Text is integrated into each flower that has been printed on handmade paper, dyed again with those 3 roses.  The different colors that occurred from each dying batch seemed to match those 3 different relationships.

Shown: Flowers I Have Known and the Secrets They Have Shared with Me

Artist: Vicki Milewski

Dimensions:  Height 8", Width 5.5" Depth 4"

Materials Used:  Paper, organic cloth, Rose petal dyes, Watercolor, Ink, glue, silk thread, glass beads

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