Artist Books by Vicki Milewski

Flowers I Have Known
and the
Secrets They Have Shared with Me

This photo shows the cover of this artist book, Flowers I Have Known and the Secrets They have Shared with Me.  The three flowers are made from organic cotton, dyed with rose petals from three different roses that men I have loved gave to me.  Text is integrated into each flower that has been printed on handmade paper, dyed again with those 3 roses.  The different colors that occured from each dying batch seemed to match those 3 different relationships.

A We

This photo shows the cover of Communications:  A We which is an artist book of poems.  Original artworks, handmade papers, origami structures can be found inside

I started making artist books in high school, first they were one of kind comic books with my comic strip Sunflowers and then they became other worldly objects containing my poems, stories and thoughts.  I see making artist books as a path toward a new future of reading, just as the internet changed our way of reading so too can artist books.

I've started a separate website to organize the artist books and altered books I've made.  Click below to be taken there:

Selection of the artist books;  click on the titles to be taken to more images.

Questioning Success

The full title for this artist book is Reign:  Thinking About Opening a CPS Charter School—should I play at their games again? Or Sierra Nevada Mountains with Gloria.  This book is a poem in Four Parts that can also be found as a small chapbook size book of poetry but it is the structure here that is the book I would most like others to read.

This is one of two canvases that comprise the artist book Questioning Success.  This book comes from the Inner Book of Reign Questions and can be found also as a tiny accordion book that is housed inside the book Reign.