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Vicki Milewski, Artist 

Vicki Milewski is an Experientialist who sees no boundaries between the visual arts of oils, drawing, fiber, photography and film and the other arts of music and writing.  Vicki utilizes the arts that work best to express direct experiences in each piece created.


In addition to her work in the visual arts, Vicki composes music for choirs, soloist, piano and orchestras.   Vicki is also a published writer of articles, essays and poems.  The artist has studios in Chicago and on her family’s ancestral farm in central Wisconsin. 


Please contact me for a full CV


For more information you can also visit some of my works on the web:

A selection of my artists books may be viewed here

A glimpse at some of my professional activities

Another avenue to listen to some of more of my musical compositions

A new place for my music

Another avenue to listen to some more of my musical compositions

A place to read some of my academic papers on Oscar Howe, Vito Acconci and other interesting topics

Some of my short films are on this channel

A selection of my art collection catalogs may be viewed here


Painting can tell a story--not in the same way as words; instead, color, shape, movement, texture, expression can all explain what happened, and is happening, from another level.--Vicki Milewski

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