Dancing NFTs 

"Dancing with Love inside me, inside you” is a Transcendental Dancing phenomenon going beyond blockchain.  4 NFTs are available which comprise ca. 25 second increments of the animated short film.  Once the 4 NFTs are purchased, collectors may share them to watch the film together. 

Dancing with Love NFTs



Each NFT contains a unique ca 25 second movement in a dance with Love.  These NFT Movements are fragments of the total dance which consists of 4 movements.  The artwork used to visualize this Dance with Love is Impromptu:  Corresponding Sympathies of the Heart which is also by Vicki Milewski


This collection contains 4 NFTs which dance with the visualized Love for a TRT of 94 seconds


Dancing the Allemande with Love —the energy of love 26 seconds

Dancing the Sarabande with Love—the sharing of love 19 seconds

Dancing the Pirouette with Love—the spinning of love 31 seconds

Dancing the Courante with Love—using the energy of love 20 seconds


“The Dancing NFT Collection”  is based on Vicki’s art collection “PowerShare22” https://vickimilewski.wixsite.com/vmartist/powershare which believes everyone shares the same powers like Love, Memory, Gnosis and more.  It is our uniqueness in how we use and share these powers which can make a sane and beautiful world.  Vicki has visualized each power and now has animated each one. 


The artwork used for this NFT dance is called “Impromptu Corresponding Sympathies of the Heart”.  The music used for this NFT dance is a section of the first movement of a reduced orchestral score composed by Vicki Milewski and played on a piano by Vicki Milewski.  The music composition is called “Hunting with Louis Sullivan for Orchestra and Chorus in four movements”.  The animated short film was edited by Vicki Milewski and is called “Dancing with Louis Sullivan” All art, music and animation is copyrighted by Vicki Milewski.  There are 24 different powers in the overall “Dancing NFT Collection” and each will have 4, ca. 25 second increments for sale as NFTs


How do you choose to use your powers and to share your powers?




Vicki Milewski is an abstract experientialist artist who is internationally collected and exhibited.


Vicki’s  artwork “Impromptu Corresponding Sympathies of the Heart” is inspired by Louis Sullivan’s drawing called “Impromptu”


Hunting with Louis Sullivan is written as a classic Sonata with the dancing rhythms and usage hidden within the music and choral parts.


Allemande—A country dance in which adjacent dancers link arms or join or touch hands and make a full or partial turn 26 seconds

Sarabande—a slow couples dance where couples lined up and slide into each other and then back into the line 19 seconds

Pirouette (literally "whirl" or "spin") dance has the dancer spinning alone or with one other 31 seconds

Courante is a fast, running dance often with counterpoint (imitating parts) 20 seconds

Impromptu midewin.jpg
Impromptu dream.jpg
Impromptu 21warrior.jpg
Impromptu arrow.jpg