Folk Songs


I have created hundreds of folk songs and have begun to get them notated and played by myself and others. I love learning other's songs and then singing my with them.  You can find some on my sound cloud site:


I have put one of my songs here called Pinacate Mountain.  I think of all the artists who create and once we know the creation is finished, or complete enough to be shared,  we pause to survey the world around us just like I would whenever summiting a mountain.  All the preparation entailed in summiting a mountain is like the preparation for creation.  The words are two sentences from Ed Abbey, the music is composed by Vicki Milewski


Pinacate Mountain


There was nobody there but us

Mountain climbers

No gods, no spirits, no ghosts that I could see

Only the wind and the brittle bush and rocks

There seemed nothing to do but




We paused to survey all the world around us

The album below I leave on this page as a reminder that I can sell my music but to find time to put it all together is of course the problem so disregard the album below it is a marker to remind me to continue moving forward!