Paralyzed Flowers: The Regeneration  by Vicki Milewski


The original poetry chapbook was written during my time teaching high school in Chicago’s inner city Du Sable High School.  I wrote poems about certain students and situations I found myself in that had a paralyzing effect.  Paralysis here is seen as to bring to a condition of helpless stoppage, inactivity, or inability to act.  The generational welfare, gangs, drug use and other factors had paralyzed my students.  In some situations I found myself paralyzed to enact a change for them in any way.  The paralyzed flowers are these poems and in doing altering this book I have sought to bring about a regeneration for my students and myself many years later. 

Each of the flowers in this book are in a state of blooming but they have been paralyzed into this state and have not yet bloomed.


Through Face Book, I have been able to reconnect with many of my former students and it is in this re connection that I have found a regeneration of my memories of the time I spent teaching at Du Sable.  Many of my former students are no longer paralyzed and that has helped me, many still are and so I dedicate this work to both these groups of students and to the many teachers out there today who are doing the work of angels.




Those Students You Never Meet

This is the largest of the four flowers and it is made from the poem THose Students You Never Meet which tells of the many students I have had on my class rosters who I never met, who never even came to school and who were eventually dropped from school.  The petals on this flower have not yet opened fully.

They Did

This flower was made from the poem They Didn't but after working on it I decided to call this one They Did.  My brother Mike assisted with construction and created the idea of the petals protruding out so that the text in the center could be read.

They Didn't

They Didn't is a poem about all the activities my students did't get to enjoy, and all the homework they didn't want to do.

Prefer Myself

This is the one song that is contained in this poetry collection and it sings quit well as a flower too.