NFTs by Vicki Milewski

For purchasing inquires please visit the link provided for each collection and work with the marketplace to purchase a token. 


Click on the Collection’s webpage to learn more about each collection:


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How it Works

Collectors purchase NFTs which are original, certified artworks receiving a unique token (NFT) on the Polygon/Ethereum Blockchain

Each NFT contains an original artwork by Vicki Milewski which could be animated, 3D, Algorithmic Standalone or musical, that can be viewed or heard and  stored in a digital wallet




Collectors can loan out NFTs, or request a loans from the community, for public and private  screenings of complete films, Algorithmic Standalones or complete music performances


Collectors can buy or sell NFTs on the marketplace  — each NFT is a piece of art in its own right

Vicki Milewski reserves the copyright on any NFT sold