The Place Between Two Rocks

An Altered Book by Vicki Milewski


The Place Between Two Rocks is a magical place in the Badlands of South Dakota that  I visit whenever I can.  This altered book is from my book called Tell the World About Us and I altered the text at first as part of my revision process and then as a piece of art.  You can download an excerpt from my book about the first time I found The Place Between Two Rocks




The Place Between Two Rocks
The Main Flower

This photo shows the altered book as a whole.  The main flower image has four stems which anchor it to parts of the text that tell of an experience in the Place Between Two Rocks when a plant told her about the true medicine or living your life.

his photo shows the main flower made from over 5 pages of text.  each petal is a conbination of phrases or a whole sentence from the part of the book when this flower, this plant with four yellow buds.  When she took that plant home with her only one bud blossomed and this is the flower that bloomed.

Joe's Tents

Joe's tents are placed opposite the flower since it was this Lakota elder who helped her to understand the gift of this flower, the gift of her medicine for the world and for herself.  There are four tents for each of the four directions.  The tent smoke is made of phrases Joe said or helped her to understand.  

the two Rocks

This photo shows a photo of the two rocks that appears in the book on the pages about the Place Between Two Rocks.  The two rocks are connected with the sentence,  "The two rocks on either side of her were like a gateway to walk through."  She did walk through and keeps walking to this day!